Object In Motion

“We love because He loved us first.” I John 4:19

I’m Samantha and this is the beginning of my brand-new start. I’m in a new transitional phase of my life and I’ve now decided that this is going to be part of it! But first, I invite you to come in and stay awhile. Let me tell you a little bit about yours truly.

I walk my own path with the Heavenly Father that carries me when I’m weak, and often calms my impatient heart when nothing goes my way. I am the wife to an incredible man with a goofy sense of humor and the best smile I’ve ever seen. I’m also the mother to two very sweet, loving and borderline mentally insane children that I absolutely adore, currently ages 3 ½ years and 18 months (pictured below).

The good Lord made me highly driven by emotion, that often gets the best of me, but also gives me a passion that I’m proud of. I’ve been through my fair share of trauma and loss, all of which has made and will continue to make me a stronger person in the long run.

However, life as I know it is changing! The transformation is happening fast, but I am welcoming it with open arms…4

Recently, I made the decision to take a step back from work, pull my kiddos out of the local daycare and really commit to the “stay-at-home-mom” gig. So far, so good (will keep you updated)! It’s still very fresh and we’re all still adjusting to our new lifestyle.

Although, after paying for daycare every week, I wasn’t making a substantial amount of money, I was still making at least some. Fast-forward to week two of zero second income, here we are, sandwiches and potato chips for dinner (I ain’t even mad, sandwiches are the bomb).

But anyway, I feel that God gave me a unique path to walk on and a set of challenges that I feel are meant to help someone, anyone that just might stumble upon my post and find some sort of comfort in my words. I can promise my readers that I will rarely know the right answer, but can offer an open ear to those who just need someone to listen to their story.

In closing of my first official blog post, thank you for making it till the end! I truly appreciate any and all support. I’m hoping that by sifting through details of my every day life, I’m able to put together a variety of stories, tips, and anything else that comes to mind. I look forward to sharing my story with all who care to listen. Stay tuned and thanks friends!

Comments, emails, etc., are welcome.