Meet Rafael!

Alrighhhhhhtt, post 2!

I told you guys that I was married, right? Remember that little tidbit in my intro post about being a wife to that one guy with the humor and the smile, right? Kay, we’re going to talk about that guy!

That guy is pretty awesome and his name is Rafael Louis Winder. Fun fact, not only was he named after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle commercial his parents saw at the hospital the day he was born, but when we met, he also told me that his name was spelled with an “f” rather than a “ph” because his parents, “couldn’t afford the extra letter.” I know, funny, right?


Side Note: This picture is over a year old and just reminded me how much I desperately need new pictures of me and my husband!

My husband is an auto mechanic, and has owned his own shop since May of 2016, and had managed a few shops prior to finally opening his own. Up until about mid to late-April of this year, it has just been him down there doing all of the work by himself (manual labor, and office labor). I tried to help for a while, but my poor brain just isn’t quite geared for office management the way he needs. 😦

This all goes to show how hard of a worker he is. He does his absolute best to provide the few luxuries we have. It is only from his hard work and dedication am I able to stay home with our kiddos and honestly, to even have the time to work on this blog. The late nights that he spends working, and the times he doesn’t pick up after himself like I would prefer, really start to eat away at me if I’m not careful. It’s those times that I have to stop, take a step back and remind myself of all that he does for me and our sweet babies.

However, it wouldn’t kill him to at least pick up his laundry out of living room, and take the trash out more than once a week, but I digress. 😉

But anyway, to get to the point of this post, my husband and I have decided to participate in a “Love Challenge” for the next 21-days! This challenge will require us to do one simple task for each other every day for the next three weeks beginning this Friday, September 14th. I’m going to continue to do updates each week on Thursday till the end, which falls on Thursday, October 4th. We’ve always wanted to do a challenge like this, but life just always seemed to get in the way. But not this time! We’re going to commit full force! But just so you guys can get an idea of what our next 21-days will consist of, I’ve included it below. 🙂

21-Day Love Challenge

It is important to know that this is NOT my original challenge, I did NOT come up with each task myself. I got this from Tiffany over at Lavender Vines. If you guys wanted to go check out her original post, I’ve also included her link: 21-Day Love Challenge

Now, I did say “simple” tasks, but I did not say “easy.” I’m sure that some of these might be tad difficult to follow through, but I’m very excited for this challenge and I’m excited to see what kind of results we have! I genuinely hope you guys continue to follow along each week, or even do the challenge with us! I would LOVE to hear results from you guys!

Comment and let me know what you guys are doing!

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